CQCM Overview

Cryogenic Quartz Crystal Microbalances, or CQCMs, come in four models: the MK16, MK17, MK18, and MK19, providing a variety of mounting options, cable options, and modifications for specific needs. They can be ordered with two different crystal frequencies, 10MHz, and 15MHz. Changing the crystal frequency provides a customizable range of sensitivity measurement. You may choose to increase the sensitivity of the QCM at the cost of the total measurable mass, or increase the total measurable mass with decreased sensitivity, depending on your needs. CQCMs can be ordered to Standard Temperature (-199 to 100°C) or Low Temperature use (10 to 400K).

Perfect for use in vacuum chambers, flight qualified versions are also available with complete environmental testing to your specifications. Contact us to help determine which CQCMs best suit your specific requirements.

CQCM Comparison Chart