Model 2000 Text Based Software
The most recent M2000 text based software is available here.
M2000.ZIP(Version 1.38)

Model 2000 CVI Drivers
Here are the drivers necessary to write your own LabView/CVI code.
M2000 CVI Drivers

M2000 Graphical Software
This is the latest graphical version of the M2000 software.
M2000 (CVI)

VODKA Software
This is the latest graphical version of the VODKA software.

Model 2000 Commands
For those who like to write their own software, this zipped file contains the latest command interface information.

Model 2000 Setup
This program is not necessary for operating the Model 2000, but allows the user to modify labels and channel information. Please review the README.TXT file included with M2-SETUP.ZIP before using the M2-SETUP.EXE program. (Version 1.14)

Model 2000 LabView Drivers
The LabVIEW Windows driver is now available.
QCM Driver Libraries

Please give us feed-back about the graphical software. We recommend you use as fast a host as is available. There is a lot of overhead involved and your system will run slowly if you are conservative about your hardware. The software works with Windows Vista through Windows 10.

Note to Windows 2000 and XP users: If the software fails to run, after installation; create a blank file and name it “history.dat”, (using notepad). Place the file in the “QCM Model 2000\data” folder. Then run the program.