TQCM Overview

Thermoelectric Quartz Crystal Microbalances, or TQCMs, are thermoelectrically controlled QCMs. They have an internal peltier heat exchanger which can either heat or cool the QCM to aid in both collecting condensables and then boiling them off later. They are available in four models: the MK10, MK20, MK24, and MK26. They utilize a Peltier element to heat or cool the crystals to provide full temperature control. This feature makes the TQCMs very versatile.

The MK10 has been very popular and they are in use in vacuum chambers around the world. The MK20 and its successor the MK26, come in four packages for specific applications. They can be further customized with different crystal frequencies to increase molecular sensitivity or larger mass measurements. The MK24 is the smallest and lightest TQCM at 15mm in length and weighing only 4 grams. The MK24 can be ordered with specific crystal frequency options as well.

Ideal for vacuum chamber / lab work, TQCMs are also of a rugged design able to withstand shock and vibration. Flight qualified versions are also available with complete environmental testing to your specifications. Contact us to help determine which TQCM best suits your specific requirements.

TQCM Comparison Chart

TQCM Comparison Chart

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