Our Company

QCM Research is a small family-owned corporation, snuggled into the vineyards of the beautiful Temecula Valley of Southern California. We specialize in the design and manufacture of very high quality Quartz Crystal Microbalances, known as QCMs. Our instruments are used in high technology laboratories around the world and in space for applications such as detecting contamination on optical surfaces, measuring outgassing and determining constituents by means of thermogravimetric analysis.

QCM Research has been in the forefront of QCM technology since being formed in 1985. We have developed twenty-two distinct QCM sensor models and are presently marketing nine of these. We have International Representatives in seven foreign countries. In 1975 we were selected to receive an IR-100 award for “One of the 100 Most-Significant New Technical Products of the Year” for the MK8 QCM, which evolved into the MK21 QCM. We have maintained a high standard of excellence even while experiencing a rapid growth period, insuring the continued health of the company and the continual improvement of the products we design and produce.